Desalinator D50–1998 Watermaker

This is a message with photos for the AmelYacht Owner Forum. I have to place the photos here, on our blog, since I can’t up load photos on the forum.

Our watermaker still produces water, but I am a bit concerned with the “Salt”-looking thing that keeps comming under the nob where we adjust the preassur. It doesn’t taste like salt, more like sand.

Has anyone seen anything like this and have a solution?



The hose the you see on the picture above is our temporarily solution for not having a dripping tap, while we are searching for a new tap. If some one has a suggestion on where, despite Desalator, please let me know.

For the record I think it is best if you post your suggestions on the Amel Forum under the message Desalator D50 from 1998 posted today (14 nov 2013)


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