Triboron Drivmedelsförstärkning – Triboron Fuel Enhancer

Triboron products, enhance diesel and petrol engines.

We started to use Triboron just before we left Sweden (2010) as Diesel enhancement. The expected result of the use was a decrease in diesel consumption, less exhaust smoke and preventing the growth/presence of Diesel bugs in the tank. After been using Triboron for three seasons( approximately 1500 engine hours each on the Volvo Penta and Diesel Generator) we have the following result:

Approximatly 25% less Diesel consumption

Less smoke, the typical Amel black line from the exhaust pipe to the aft has decrease a lot.

When we checked the inside of the Diesel tank 2012 we found NO contamination at all

We have since 2011 used Triboron also as exchange part to the normal 2-stroke oil for our outboard engine (yes, we have a 2-stroke one). The use of Triboron has resulted in almost no exhaust smoke and less consumption of Petrol. How much the decrease had been is hard to say due to change of propeller during 2012. However, we have clean sparks, very little black smoke signs on the propeller(white) and the outboard starts directly.

You find Triboron product on the following sites:

and the products on:

We have experience of the following products:

Triboron Fuel Enhancer. Sold in 1 l bottles and will be enough to approximately 600 l of diesel.

Triboron 2-Stroke Concentrate, Sold in 0.5l bottles. 




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